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Poker is considered as one of the most sought-after card games in the gaming industry of Canada nowadays. Online Canadian players are considering this game as their platform of knowing the fundamentals of online card gaming and staking in their region. Due to its simple gameplay and mechanics, newbies can also consider different online poker Canada sessions as their training grounds in developing their skills for competitive poker tournaments and events. Hence, they can also test their wagering prowess in simple online poker sessions.

Most online poker games also post huge payout values and jackpot amounts for its players. There are also exclusive poker bonuses and promotions which are being offered to new and regular online players. These factors will truly captivate the interest of any online player today - from beginner to regulars. But aside from its gameplay and possible payout returns, players are also after the experience of trying different poker variants. These selections usually have varying game mechanics and rules which make every poker session unique and exciting. Here are some of the most popular poker variants being played by the gaming population:

Texas Hold 'Em

This variant is known to have the simplest and laid-back gameplay in all other online poker Canada variants. Texas Hold 'Em features the dealer dealing hole cards to all active players on the table. These hole cards serve as the players' poker hands which will complete their final hand combination. Two hole cards will be dealt for each player which will signify the start of the poker session.

The dealer will then deal the community cards which will go with the players' hole cards in completing differing combinations. Three community cards will be initially dealt which will be called as the flop. After these cards are revealed, each player will get to either raise the played wager, call the stakes raised, or fold their cards and end their game.

This process will continue for the next two rounds wherein the fourth, the turn, and the fifth, the river, cards will be drawn. Once the fifth or the river has been dealt, the final wagering round commences, and all active player cards will be revealed to determine the best five-card combination on the table. The winner will take home all played stake for that game.



Another popular Texas Hold 'Em variant is Omaha which can be played by two to ten active gamers on the table. It has the same gameplay as with the original poker version, but each player is dealt with four starting cards or hole cards. They get to choose two active hole cards will be their final active hands until the game ends. The other two will be disregarded once the final round starts.

The dealer will then place five community cards on the table where players get to identify the best five-card hand using their two hole cards and three of the community. All community cards will be instantly played after the hole cards are dealt. This makes Omaha one of the most fast-paced, yet most rewarding poker variant today.

5 Card Stud


On the other hand, 5 Card Stud brings real excitement in every poker table as each player is dealt with one-faced down and one-faced up hole cards. This gives players the chance to gauge whether their hole cards will win or lose them their hands. This also allows players to identify their odds against their competitors.

The dealer will then place the community cards on the table and the wagering process of raising, calling, and folding will begin. Players can readily raise the played wager, match the stake placed, or fold their cards if they think they have a weak one. Moreover, the highest valued faced-up card determines the player who play the wagering process first.

Caribbean Stud

Caribbean Stud is another poker variant which highlights the competition between the player and the dealer. Unlike the usual poker gameplay, this game starts with five hole cards dealt to both the player and the dealer. But before the round starts, all wagers should be played on the table. Once the stakes are placed, the player can now check his or her cards and one of the dealer's cards which is left faced-up. The same wagering round of raising, calling, and folding continues after all five cards are dealt. Once this round has concluded, all cards will be shown to determine the winning hand for that game.

Players can also try other poker game variants being offered in the Canadian region which include Razz, Five-Card Draw, Seven-Card Stud, Chinese Poker, HORSE, 2-7 Triple Draw, and other more. Some of these variants also offer progressive jackpots for more winnings at stake.